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Product/Project manager and growth hacker with over 10 years of experience, encompassing the full product development life cycle, including industrial design, hardware/firmware manufacturing, software development, manufacturing, market launch, and distribution. I have worked in companies of various sizes, ranging from multinational corporations to early-stage startups and established technology companies. Throughout my career, I have worked with different protocols such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and LoRaWan, employing methodologies like Agile, Design Thinking, Waterfall, and LSS.

Furthermore, I have also taken on the role of a Corporate Initiative Startup Manager, where I successfully led and managed the creation and development of startup ventures within the corporate environment. This additional experience has provided me with valuable insights into fostering innovation, driving entrepreneurship, and launching new initiatives within established organizations.

Working Experience

Custos Smart Water Leak Prevention System (2022-2023) πŸ‡­πŸ‡° Hong Kong

Growth Manager – πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Remote

Project Name: Custos Smart Home Kit Water Leak Prevention System
🌐 Website: custos.homes

Description: The Smart Home Kit is designed to prevent water damage caused by floods, leaks, and burst pipes, without the need for cutting pipes or hiring a plumber. The kit can be easily installed in just a minute, even on pipe elbows. It includes a gateway, valve ball servo, water leak sensor, and extension cable.

In this project, I have been actively collaborating with the UX/UI team to craft user stories and chart a clear roadmap. I spearheaded the research and integration of cost-effective cloud and backend solutions. By guiding the development and engineering teams, I was able to facilitate the launch of our MVP within a period of three months using Losant IoT platform.

Moreover, I have devised a comprehensive strategy that encompasses product positioning, pricing, and distribution, while exploring potential partnerships and collaborations. I have also contributed to the marketing team in their product and digital marketing efforts, including advertising, promotions, and crowdfunding platform guidance such as Kickstarter.

Technology Stack: Figma, FigJam, Notion, Monday

Comodo Group Inc. (2013 – 2022) New Jersey πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ USA

Corporate Startup Initiatives Manager – πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Full Time Onsite

β–  Project: Ezlo Smart Home Automation

🌐 Website: ezlo.com

Description: Hub allows to control all smart devices from one platform.

I established a clear process for product development, ensuring that it aligned with financial and strategic goals. This included defining product features and roadmaps, developing business cases for the product, creating specifications for firmware, hardware and software, and managing design and compliance testing. I collaborated with UX/UI designers to ensure that the necessary functionality was in place for development and obtained certifications from CE, FCC, and ISO for the product. I also tested the product with technical teams, resolved any bugs, and responded to customer needs post-launch, while supporting sales and marketing efforts, including representing products at events like CES. I led research and development efforts across multiple countries, including the US, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Turkey, to successfully launch new hardware and software solutions for the project. I managed all standard project tasks, such as defining project scope, objectives, milestones, and deliverables, preparing RFQs, RFPs, and technical specifications, and coordinating project reporting, reviews, and steering meetings. I also gathered and acted as an effective liaison between engineering, sales, operations, and executive teams. Additionally, I performed the role of scrum master and managed sprints to maintain project scope and timelines.

Technology Stack: Jira, Confluence, Smart Sheets, Figma, MS Office

Methodology: Waterfall, Agile, LSS

β–  Project: Ezlo Video Box

🌐 Website: ezvidoo.com

Description: In 2016-2017, the cost of internet storage and the cloud was too high, so we decided to develop edge AI. At that time, there were no such systems, and as Google didn’t have Corel or AI processors, so we used arm processors. We improved the state-of-the-art models for AI image processing and object detection, which at that time took 30ms to identify objects in an image on a Raspberry Pi. We achieved this in 50ms with our AI object detection models. Using Google Cloud App Engine, Cloud SQL, and Cloud Storage, we developed a web app. The edge device sent video metadata and fragments to the backend, where the user could search for objects in the video using the user interface. The backend API was built using Android, iOS, and React, and displayed the data received from these APIs. This prevented the analysis of the user’s videos, and only the videos the user wanted to see would be listed. For fast camera opening in the stream and in the client and web app, we used WebRTC. That is done through technical leadership, project management, and delivery lifecycle oversight.

Technology Stack: Jira, Confluence, Smart Sheets, MS Office

Methodology: Agile

β–  Project: IOT Devices Development

Description: Production of various smart home products including door/window sensors, motion sensors, multi-sensors, portable buttons, gateways, modular LED lights, and smart plugs. I supervised all aspects of product development, including industrial, mechanical, schematic, and PCB design, as well as prototyping and manufacturing in China and the EU. Within the coordination of cross-functional teams, I developed the business cases and products’ vision, roadmap, and lifecycle, as well as prioritized the products’ backlog, so that development is working on the most important, customer-focused items.

Technology Stack: Jira, Confluence, MS Office

Methodology: Agile

β–  Project: Modular Smart LED

Description: I led the development of a modular LED bulb concept featuring interchangeable components such as a power supply, temperature sensor, microphone, and wireless smart module. Through extensive market research and collaboration with industrial designers, I ensured the product was user-friendly and met efficiency standards. I’ve developed business cases, including hardware specifications, as well as contributed to the go-to-market strategy. I oversaw the prototyping and compliance testing processes in Turkey, including vendor selection, pricing, and delivery. This was achieved through my prior market research and established contacts in the manufacturing industry in both China and Turkey.

Technology Stack: Jira, Confluence, MS Office

Methodology: Agile

β–  Project: IOT Gateway

🌐 Website: delos.com

Description: A gateway based on Darwin Core, which supports multiple translators such as Alexa, Ezlo, and Facebook (Meta). I oversaw the industrial and mechanical design, firmware and software development, prototyping, and compliancy testing.

Technology Stack: Jira, Confluence, MS Office

Methodology: Agile

β–  Project: Devices integration

Description: I was tasked with ensuring seamless integration and compatibility of the Ezlo gateway with various other smart home devices in the market. I assembled and led an executive team and facilitated smooth collaboration between the development, testing, and support teams, which enabled us to gain deeper customer insights and make the gateway more user-friendly. Through comprehensive market research, I forged connections with manufacturers in China and the EU and established a clear vision for future partnerships that aligned with the company’s goals. I also took care of all the standard project management responsibilities, such as setting objectives, tracking milestones, managing budgets, preparing detailed reports and necessary documentation, etc.

Technology Stack: Jira, Confluence, Airtable, MS Office

Methodology: Agile

Kaplan Computer – Manchester, CT (2009 – 2010) USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

I Product Marketing Manager

🌐 Website: kaplancomputer.com

Project: E-commerce website management

Description: I successfully managed and supervised the company’s e-commerce website while overseeing various marketing initiatives. I took the lead in building the e-commerce platform and provided guidance to the software development team. Through extensive market research, I identified and implemented key marketing channels such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, social media, and email marketing, resulting in increased sales avenues. Additionally, I built and led an operations team to ensure smooth and efficient operations of the website. I initiated and oversaw the creation of marketing materials, constantly updating and revising them to ensure engaging and fresh content. My proactive approach ensured that the marketing materials were aligned with the company’s brand guidelines, and contributed significantly to the website’s overall success.